Testimonial - relationship and family issues

Hello everyone,

I am glad to share with you Adele’s story. Adele bravely overcame some challenging relationship issues that were contributing to a low mood and a low self-esteem. Psychodynamic Therapy helped her see things from a different angle. 

‘I contacted Dr Ezhova, as I was going through a difficult time in my life. Ivanka’s approach was friendly, but simple and deeply touching the issues I have outlined. She brings a voice of wisdom and clarity and shows you the light you need to follow. She was able to identify key drivers in my life and led me to better understand myself as a professional and a human being. She helped me clarify my objectives and gave me confidence. I love her approach friendly, intelligent but very effective. I recommend Dr Ezhova without limitation. She won’t sell you anything she cannot deliver. I feel grateful to know her’.

Adele H, 32 years old, Germany.

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Dr Ivanka Ezhova

Founder of Angel Psychological Therapy – Online Psychological Therapy