Testimonial - eating disorders

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to share with you Veronica’s story. During our work together, Veronica learnt a lot about what can potentially cause eating disorders and she was surprised on many occasions. 

‘I’ve been struggling with my body weight all my life. I don’t remember how many diets I’ve tried and how many nutritionists I’ve met. The counselling sessions with Ivanka were a huge surprise for me because we didn’t directly focus on my nutrition. We talked a lot about my childhood. I didn’t know that eating disorders could be related to childhood and to the child-parent relationship. We also identified the destructive behaviours I had developed and we discussed and analysed my personality. Thank you Ivanka for having given to me hope and love’. 

Veronica B, 31 years old, Great Britain.

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With warm wishes,

Dr Ivanka Ezhova

Founder of Angel Psychological Therapy – Online Psychological Therapy